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What is Nautaki Limited

24/04/2021 by admin

A superior web platform for owners to register their boats for rental, with the corresponding details and suggested routes

Nautaki.com is the link that connects the boat owners with potential clients.

Our goal

Our goal is to collaborate with professionals that have a deep knowledge of their field, love what they do and provide potential clients with utmost safety and ultimate hospitality.

We try our best to promote Greece and her beauties worldwide. We invest in our collaborations with boat owners to highlight their skills, knowledge and of course their property.

We invest on expanding the idea of boat vacations to a broader audience.

We provide a tool for people to find co-travelers, fill up the boat capacity and have their dream vacation in the most cost-effective way.

Conditions best for registering

Clear photos of your boat and in proper dimensions. That way you help potential clients to have a complete visual of your boat.

Full boat characteristics. Giving specifics and details helps a lot!

Route suggestions. By suggesting routes, you make it easier for potential clients to choose and even learn alternatives of the usual ones. The suggestive routes are not binding and can always be altered by you based on weather conditions or other reasons.

Direct reservation with 24h covering. The option of direct reservation will provide more chances for a reservation. It’s almost certain, simply because when clients found their boat and trip, they will want to make it theirs by instantly making a reservation. There’s no potential exposure for double booking. There’s a 24hour time frame for checking your bookings schedule.