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Arriving in Naxos -the largest island of the Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean Sea- immediately you feel like going back to ancient times, only because the first thing you see is the “Portara”, a marble gate, an unfinished temple that began to be built in the 6th century in honour of the God Apollo.

It is said that Theseus left Ariadne on this island, after previously helping him kill the Minotaur in Crete, on the condition that he will take her with. Dionysus saw her there, fell in love with her and made her his wife.

The journey into history continues with the impressive castle reminiscent of the Venetian rule, the Archaeological site of Grotta with ruins from the Mycenaean era, the Archaeological Museum, located in a historic building of the Venetian period, the Bellonia Tower which was the residence of the Venetian lord, the Jesuit Palace, the Venetian Towers, the Kouros of the Blacks, many Byzantine churches, traditional windmills and many more important points of interest. Naxos belongs to that category of islands that can offer peace, relaxation, adventure and plenty of fun.

Naxos has countless beaches, with clear blue-green and turquoise waters and for every mood. From organized and crowded to utterly secluded. Some of the well-known are “Agios Georgios”, “Agia Anna”, “Agiassos”, “Apollo”, “Kastraki”. Naxos is also for lovers of windsurfing and water sports.

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